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If you do battle with evil, sooner or later you pick up evil’s weapons yourself.
Then you risk becoming what you seek to destroy.

When German-born American academic Walter Hirsch volunteers to join “Wild Bill” Donovan’s  U.S. spy service against the Nazis, he is plunged into a world of treachery and betrayal. Walter’s flawless German and French—and his newly-discovered ability to change cover stories like a chameleon—make him an ideal espionage agent.

But his dedication to his country comes at a high price. With each brazenly successful mission and escape, the Gestapo’s relentless pursuit draws tighter. With each new lie, a little more of his identity fades, like a face in an aging sepia photograph. With each new cold-blooded execution, a little more of his soul shrivels. “Donovan was right,” he realizes. “When you become a spy, the first person you have to kill is your former self.”

Ultimately, his survival depends on the courage and ruthlessness of England’s top spy, “The Black Widow, ” a woman with her own mysterious connection to Walter Hirsch.


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Paris—June 20, 1940

“Arschloch,” one of the German officers sitting two tables away said. The crude insult caught Walter Hirsch’s attention immediately. Now that’s a switch, Walter thought, with a bemused smile. People usually wait to get to know me a bit before calling me an “asshole.”


The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age

In The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age, the sequel to Blood Brothers, a 55-year-old Henry Doyle comes out of retirement in 1815 to foil Napoleon’s attempt to enlist Shiite militia in the Balkans against the Russian and Austrian armies marching to join the British at Waterloo.  His capture by the Algerians sets in motion desperate efforts to rescue him by his wife Dihya and his half-brother Peter Kirkpatrick, a former US Navy captain. 

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Blood Brothers wins Bronze Medal in 2017 Military Writers’ Society of America Best Novel Contest!


Blood Brothers: A novel about America’s first war against a Muslim enemy, the 1804 attempt by a small, makeshift army led by US Marines,  to conquer the nation of Tripoli. Henry Doyle is a soldier of fortune and convert to the Sufi sect of Islam, who agrees to help the invading Americans for pay, even though he despises them.  In the process he meets the half-brother he never knew existed, Peter Kirkpatrick, a young, hot-headed US Navy officer. Cindy Vallar, in Pirates and Privateers Magazine says, “Written in crisp, compelling prose, the action sequences, especially the naval encounters, are exceedingly well-done.”

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The Tao of Sales: A book for salespeople who want to succeed with their customers instead of competing against them.

Since its publication, readers have responded with comments like this one from Jamie S. Walters, Founder of Ivy Sea Inc., and author of Big Vision, Small Business: ” I find myself going back to this book by E. Thomas Behr again and again for inspiring and implementable reminders. I find that title misleading; this is a book about integrity-based thinking and relationship-building, so it goes well beyond the sales process. “

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The Life & Times of Miller Bugliari: a history of and guide to championship soccer coaching. Miller Bugliari is the legendary teacher and soccer coach at the Pingry School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. His record over a 55-year career is exceptional:  815 victories against 112 losses and 96 ties; 26 state titles and 26 county championships against the toughest competition in the state. His friend, Sir Alex Ferguson, former coach of Manchester United, says: “The foundation of this success rests on his great personal respect for his players and everyone he comes in contact with.”

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Author’s Cut

In tightening the final version of Dopplelgänger, I regretfully deleted the chapters with Sylvia Beach and Walter Hirsch’s involvement in the literary world of Paris in the 1930s centering on Beach’s bookstore, Shakespeare & Company. You can read the deleted chapters here:


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deleted chapters final-ilovepdf-compressed

E.PUB Version

deleted chapters final



The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age shortlisted for the Publisher’s Weekly Book Life Prize

“This novel is a rip-roaring adventure: well plotted, well-paced, and full of action that will keep readers turning pages. The book is well researched and boasts clear, skillfully crafted, sometimes philosophical, and thoroughly enjoyable prose.  The characters are vivid, consistent, and varied. Female characters are as multi-dimensional as their male counterparts. Character interactions are authentic and interesting. A fast-paced, skillfully told, and thoughtful adventure. Fans of Patrick O’Brian will be delighted.”

“Pirates and Privateers” Review of The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age

by Cindy Vallar

“Intrigue, greed, betrayal, and love are intricately interwoven into this sweeping historical novel. The intricacy of the web Behr spins, the profound depth of his characters, and his ability to meld people from history with imaginary ones are the hallmark of this book and the series. This thought-provoking novel leaves an indelible mark that lasts long after the story concludes.”

Foreword Clarion Review of The Most Bold and Daring of the Age

In this cinematic historical work, it is the relentless action that grabs audience attention and sustains interest from beginning to end.

With The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age, the latest book in his rollicking historical series, E. Thomas Behr sends his adventurous hero Henry Doyle off to fight pirates, marauders, and the steel and sails of the British navy across the Mediterranean Sea.  The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age makes a cinematic hero come to life, putting him in the midst of many thrilling action scenes, with moments of romance offering pauses along the way.

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