1. No Way


If you’re looking for the “right way” to achieve success, happiness, financial security, and approval from others, you won’t find it. It doesn’t exist.

If you stop looking, you notice it’s always been there, plain to the eye and easy to follow.

Nobody can tell you where or what that way is; but it can be discovered and learned. No one else can tell you where that way will lead; but you can travel it safely. It is unique to each person , incapable of being duplicated or copied, and also timeless and universal.

The way of Tao is both simple and challenging because it asks us to let go of our fears and preoccupations, to release the pull of the things of this world as a driving force in our lives, and to become fully attentive to the spirit within us and all creation.


What’s the Right Way” to Sell? Why are books and tapes that promise “The Answer” to making money and successful selling so popular?

Could it be our lack of trust in our own ability to discover the truth within ourselves, others and the world?

If happiness is somewhere outside us, then we re doomed to spending our lives chasing after it. That’s a difficult search. Often when we get what we thought would make us happy, we discover we’re still unsatisfied.

All of us know people who have been disappointed so often in this search that they give up looking, and resign themselves to unhappiness. If they are angry at being disappointed, they make others unhappy.

What would it be like if, in reality, happiness were inside all of us: deep, strong, whole? All we would need to do then is learn to stop racing around, become more quiet and attentive, and discover what is already there.

Suppose we helped our customers make the same discovery?


TeWhat “way” have you followed over the past six months? Harried or peaceful? Purposeful or frantic? Loving or anxious? Answer the question for yourself, share your response with a friend, and listen to the feedback



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