Atlanta Won the Super Bowl

Atlanta Won the Super Bowl

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Giants fan. So the idea of beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl has a reassuring feel to it.  Plus my mom’s family is from Decatur, dating back generations before the War Between the States. Atlanta could use a break. Now Belichek (that’s not really an “American” name, is it?) and Brady get to join “Butcher Sherman.”

I know you love conspiracies.  See    And certainly, the lying mainstream media all put out the “fake news” that New England won. That’s what they do, right?

But Donald:  Lots of us actually watched the game. Yes, Edelman did an amazing David Tyree imitation. And Brady is, well, Brady, and Belichek is Belichek. Bottom line: championships are won when players make plays. The Patriots make the plays. That’s why they won.

So it’s one thing to lie to the American people. You do that shamelessly.  You lost the popular vote because 3-5 million illegals (whom nobody, including Congressional Republicans) can find? The Mexicans are going to pay for a wall (that every national security expert with an iota of expertise and common sense says won’t stop illegal immigrants or drugs)?  Ooops. No. We taxpayers will foot the bill.

Regulation needs to be eliminated? (A two-word answer – Wells Fargo).

A “travel ban” isn’t a travel ban? (Your words) Our current vetting for admission takes 8 months to two years before entry with everybody including all the “alphabet agencies” getting their cut. That’s why there’s no more than 1 in 3-point something billion odds that any of us are in peril of getting attacked by a terrorist immigrant. Frankly, you’re a whole lot scarier.

And wait until the economically-ravaged middle and working class folks who voted for you try to cash in on your promise of 25 million new jobs? News flash, Donald: No factory robots voted for you.  Good luck making good on that shell game promise!

But’s what really scary, Donald,  is the degree to which you compulsively lie to yourself.  Your masturbatory, and wholly irrational compulsion to be the hero-genius of the modern world doesn’t change the world of facts.  It just puts America — and reality — and all Americans in danger.





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