Joseph Brant (Thayendanega): The most influential of the Mohawk chiefs and Henry’s closest Mohawk friend. He was as comfortable and effective in a London drawing room as at an Iroquois council of war.

Tiyanoga: The Mohawk leader known as Chief Hendrick who was Henry’s childhood surrogate father and mentor among the Mohawks.

Sir William Johnson: Warrahiyagey to the Iroquois. British agent to the Iroquois Nation, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the northern colonies.


Henry Doyle (El Habibka): Illegitimate son of Sir William Johnson. Adopted by the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois Nation before the Revolution, he fought with the British against the Americans in a losing effort to prevent their destruction of the Iroquois Nation in the Revolution. After England’s defeat, he left America to serve under his Muslim name, El Habibka, as a British spy in India, the Middle East, and Africa. He is now war leader of the Tuareg people in North Africa.

Dihya: Princess Dihya of the ruling Imazighen class of the Kel Ahaggar confederation of the Kel Tagelmust − a direct descendent of their legendary warrior queen Tin Hinan.

Joba: Henry Doyle’s sword master.

Tanana: Leader of a Hundred and Joba’s second in command.

Maysar-who-goes-without-water: Henry’s most trusted scout and spy.

Yani: A Tuareg who runs the stables and Henry’s safe house in Algiers.


Sheik Ibn Hazm: Fabulously wealthy religious leader who agrees to fund a Shiite-led army in support of Napoleon after his escape from Elba in 1815.

Micaiah Baccri: The historical Micaiah Baccri, a Jewish merchant banker, was the wealthiest man in Algiers. His business acumen and financial contacts throughout Europe and the Mediterranean funded several decades of successive Turkish rulers of Algiers.

Omar Pasha: Dey of Algiers and Henry’s comrade-in-arms in the defeat of Napoleon’s army in Egypt and Palestine in  1799 by British and Turkish forces.

Vizier Hashin: Prime Minister to a succession of Algerian Deys. He supports Napoleon out of greed and self-interest.

Ahmed ben Hanbal: Vizier Hashin’s Chief Secretary.

Atilu Fastama: Hashin’s Chief Christian Chamberlain.

Zaliyne Baachik: The Bas Kadin, mistress of Hashin’s Harem

Aarif: The eunuch Kizlar Agha in charge of Hashin’s household.

Mustafa: Omar Pasha’s successor as Dey of Algiers. 

Ali Bey: Mustafa’s successor as Dey of Algiers.

Hassan Bey: Ali Bey’s successor as Dey of Algiers.


Peter Kirkpatrick: Henry Doyle’s half-brother, a former US Navy captain who commanded his own privateer, Dihya, during the 1812 War with England.

Thomas Christopher: Peter Kirkpatrick’s First Lieutenant aboard Dihya.

Byron Fox: Peter Kirkpatrick’s coxswain.

Stephen Decatur: The historical Decatur was the brightest star among the galaxy of brilliant young ship captains who brought fame to the American Navy in the War of 1812. The story of the fictional Decatur’s boyhood friendship with Peter Kirkpatrick appears in Blood Brothers.

Eugene Leitensdorfer: The historical Eugene Leitensdorfer was a glorious scalawag worthy of Shakespeare or Cervantes. Most of the details of his story narrated here are true.

Gaetano Tripicchio: Former Algerian slave who helped Peter rescue Henry.


Chameau: One of Napoleon’s most effective and lethal spies and Henry Doyle’s sworn enemy.

Gonflé: French spy.

Talleyrand: French Foreign Minister and diplomat who first supported Napoleon and then turned against him.

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