Community Involvement

Along with my two brothers, Ted and Pete, and my late sister Pat Hone, I was raised by my parents to believe that the gift of citizenship carried with it the responsibility of service to one’s community.

Since moving to Millington, in Long Hill Township New Jersey in 1987, I’ve honored that responsibility by working to ensure that our town develops in ways that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.

2007 Long Hill Township Future Search

2007 Long Hill Township Future Search

  • President of Friends of Long Hill Township, 1989-2000, helping guide a non-political citizens’ group in crafting a New Master Plan for Long Hill Township, supporting open government and active community involvement, and creating ordinances to protect the township’s environmental resources and historical heritage.
  • Organizer and Facilitator of public meetings and three Future Search Conferences to help the community identify shared goals and act on them collaboratively.
  • Member of the Long Hill Township Zoning Board since 2000 and Chairman since 2006 helping balance the rights of residents and local businesses to develop their property against the need to safeguard the community as a whole.
  • Member of the Long Hill Township Planning Board, 2008-2012, helping revise the township’s existing Master Plan and Ordinances.
  • Member of the Long Hill Township Master Plan Committee charged with creating a new Master Plan for the community.

My most recent work centers on helping implement Smart Growth principles in the township as an alternative to the destructive results of decades of suburban sprawl.

From time to time I’ll be posting articles on the value of smart growth for two key demographic groups in New Jersey: aging Baby Boomers who want to retire in place to more affordable housing and Millennials who are entering the housing market for the first time.


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