Stop the Trump GOP Attack on our Environment

Stop the Trump GOP Attack on our Environment

I know of only one species of animal that deliberately chooses to shit in its own nest, foul its drinking water, contaminate its food supply and pollute the air it breathes:  man.

And that’s exactly what Trump’s draconian budget, Pruitt’s  devastating attack on the EPA, and Bannon’s dismemberment of government will accomplish – unless the American people resolutely and repeatedly say “NO!”

Imagine for a moment that you have been elected president and charged with ensuring the health, safety and well-being of ALL Americans – and not just the minority who supported you and your political agenda.

Suppose as well that you had reasonable evidence that there might be even a 50/50% chance that America’s economic strength and the health of its people could be significantly harmed by the threat of global warming. Wouldn’t you want to investigate that threat as openly and factually as possible in order to decide if the government needed to take steps to protect the country and its people?

By analogy, imagine that you discover there’s a reasonable 50% chance that your home could be destroyed by severe flooding. Would you ignore the threat and just hope you got lucky?

The shrinking of the earth’s ice cover is a fact. (You can even look at the pictures from satellites yourself.) The effect on rising sea levels is a scientific fact. The harmful impact of carbon dioxide and methane on the atmosphere is a scientific fact. The harmful impact of a warming ocean on the world’s weather is a scientific fact. The threat of a warming ocean on the world’s food supply of fish is a scientific fact.  Global warming is a scientific fact.  Al these observable, verifiable effects can be measured, and have been.

But instead of acting responsibly to explore the realities of global warming, President Trump, Environmental Punishment Agency head Scott Pruitt, the Koch brothers and the big oil companies’ lobbyists have attacked the possibility of this threat. In essence, their position is “since admitting global warming could hurt our profits, we’ll argue that it doesn’t exist.”

Their excuse for eliminating environmental regulations — that strong environmental protection is needed to save jobs —  is paper thin and nakedly self-serving. Put a handful of coal miners back to work vs. protect all Americans? (And note that with the roll-back of protective regulations, the possibility for negligence-driven mine disasters increases,)

The Trump/GOP position is crazy. It’s also criminally irresponsible. We’re talking about the safety of the water we rely on for drinking and growing the food we eat, and the safety of the air we breathe. If you care about your future, your children’s future, our country’s future, and the planet’s future, contact your congressional representatives now and say “STOP!”.

If they are Democrats, tell them you want them to fight the administration and GOP’s attack against the environment as strongly as they did the destruction of health care for most Americans. If they are moderate Republicans, tell them they need to act with the same courage on the environment that they demonstrated on health care. If they are new candidates seeking a saner approach to government, back them with your voice, your dollars, and your vote.  or

If you’re really interested, see  or

To read the counter argument, that “31,000 scientists believe global warming is a myth,” see

It’s easy to understand Trump’s opposition to environmental regulations: he is (or was) a (failed) developer. Regulations that safeguard the water supply, regulate the clean-up of toxic waste, and protect air quality limit the profit he can take from the developments he supports with his brand name.

It’s also easy to understand Pruitt’s antipathy to environmental protection; he’s been in the pocket of big oil and gas for years. See

Since January 2015, the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has been chaired by oil lobbyist and climate change denier Jim Inhofe. Inhofe is notorious for having called climate change “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against the American people” and for having claimed to have debunked the alleged hoax in February 2015 when he brought a snowball with him in the Senate chamber and tossed it across the floor.

Exxon Mobile scientists initially published reports confirming the widely accepted dangers of global warming and the impact of increased carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions. In 1982, Exxon’s environmental affairs office circulated an internal report to Exxon’s management which said that the consequences of climate change could be catastrophic, and that a significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption would be necessary to curtail future climate change. It also said that “there is concern among some scientific groups that once the effects are measurable, they might not be reversible.” That changed in the late 1980’s when Exxon Mobile (the company formerly headed by Trump’s new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson) became a leading funder of climate change denial.  See


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