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The Tao of Sales is a classic combination of motivation, spirituality, and business. Not only is Tom Behr a compelling guest…He is right!

Talk America Radio

Tom Behr is a great interview! He has single handedly added a whole new dimension to business. I highly recommend him as a guest!

Joel Javer, host of Financial Talk Radio

Authors of business books come on our show often, but Tom’s non-typical approach to business really impressed me. Honest relationships and success in business are mutually supportive. He knows his stuff!

Dan Valenti, host of Open Mike, WBRK

Reader Reactions

I have to recommend The Tao of Sales to you because of the profound effect it has had on my approach to selling….If you have heard me speak about “mastery of technique coupled with total focus on the customer,” this book is the earthly catalyst that helped me formulate that idea….This is a book I earnestly recommend you buy, read, study and refer to again and again.

Bill Webb, WEBBonline.com

I find myself going back to this book by E. Thomas Behr again and again for inspiring and implementable reminders. I find that title misleading; this is a book about integrity-based thinking and relationship-building, so it goes well beyond the sales process.

Jamie S. Walters, Founder of Ivy Sea Inc.,
and author of Big Vision, Small Business.

Thank you for The Tao of Sales. I’m now on my second copy – the first was so dog eared and covered with notes I ordered a new one. I also ordered copies for all my managers. I use selections from the book at each of our monthly meetings to help us become a better organization. We all need to sell to our customers.

Gary H. Hart, President and COO, Cobra Consulting Services

The Tao of Sales brings a spiritual dimension of insight and heart into the selling process. Selling becomes a service, not a demand. We have for too long treated selling purely as an economic transaction and salespeople as mechanical beings interested only in cash and recognition. This book brings the spirit, the mind, and the pocketbook together in ways that make them all better off for the meeting.”

Peter Block, Best-selling author of Stewardship,
Choosing Service Over Self-interest
and The Answer to How is Yes.

I have seen, first-hand, how counter-productive sales techniques are that attempt to manipulate and control clients. I’ve also seen ‘successful salespeople’ and managers self-destruct from the ethical bind they put themselves in. Financial advisers begin with good intentions, then they come to believe that a simple solution will not be valued as much as a sophisticated one – burdening their clients and themselves with investment schemes that do them harm. Thanks for The Tao of Sales. It gives hope and reinforcement to those wanting to practice ethical salesmanship.

Fred Bridges, CFP

This book consistently challenges me to be faithful to my beliefs and to my clients. It helps me remember that wu-wei, non-acting action, works in the real world – in fact a lot better than running around like a hamster in a wheel-what so many of us call ‘selling.’

Roz Perry, President, Roz Perry Public Relations

There are only 2 types of selling. The hard sell and the caring sell. I’ve unfortunately experienced both. The hard sell is where you put your prospect (a revolting term) under extreme pressure. The outcome is predetermined. The other type, the caring sell is what the newsletter is all about. For some insight into the “caring sell,” I’d recommend 2 books:

  • E. Thomas Behr, “The Tao of Sales”
  • Jacques Werth, “High Probability Selling”

Each writer uses a different approach, but they are both committed to non-manipulative and respectful relationship building with potential customers. Both talk about the impact of the “hard sell” on the men and women who practice it. Both see the role of the salesperson as someone who creates conditions for customers to take the initiative when they are ready to buy. Behr describes how a Taoist approach deepens self-awareness and spirituality, honoring both the salesperson and the customer. No force; no pain — on either side.

“HMS” hms@jet.es in Emailuniverse.com

I don’t let myself go to sleep at night without reading another lesson from The Tao of Sales. It drives my dreams and prepares me for another breakthrough day selling and servicing my clients.”


Lauren Anderson, Lauren Anderson Associates Inc.,
(Former National VP of Sales Training, Estee Lauder)

“I have been in the Sales arena since graduating from McMaster University in 1975. Your book The Tao of Sales is the first and to date only work which has spoken directly to me and my approach to sales. I found your work at our local library but I would like to purchase my own copy. Can you direct me to where in Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, I will find your book? Thank you for the insight and helping me see the wisdom of the TAO as it relates to sales.”

Alex Dodds

I have been reading your book The Tao of Sales. The thing that struck me was that it was saying the things I have been feeling for some time! 13 years selling telecommunication solutions as an Account Executive with Telstra, and 3 years training their sales force in sales and communication skills, left me feeling that we were not quite there with customer relationships.

Phil Day

My name is Glenn Page. I am a marketing consultant in Voorhees, NJ. I emailed you a few months ago to thank you for your book, The Tao of Sales. An update: Your book turned out to be an important catalyst for me in developing what I believe is a far more sophisticated and human approach to my marketing practice (I specialize in new business development programs).

Glenn Page

A client who practices in Florida sent me a short story from a book he believes is a marvelously helpful tool for his team. The book is The Tao of Sales by E. Thomas Behr. In the book, Thomas Behr states “The greatest value we bring clients is this sense of how things work: creating balance by helping them question their own goals and solutions, expanding their sense of what is possible, clarifying their awareness of outcomes, but not as an expert, or an opponent, merely as a friend.”

Sandy Roth co-founder of ProSynergy

AMAZON.COM Customer Book Reviews

ben@brecht.com from Charleston, SC rating = five stars
Bringing it all together. “As a student of Zen and Taoism for many years (in my earlier days), it was refreshing to come back and view the principles put forth on Dr. Behr’s book; especially through the lens of selling. As an entrepreneur, I must express the high value his words carry for me, from both a management and selling standpoint. The truths spoken here are universal truths which provide great clarity and enable the selling and management process to move forward; with purpose, direction and without fear. Kudos for a very fine book! I shall refer to it often as my company grows!”

Bennett Brecht President, Opus Media, Corp.

aspenannet@aol.com from Bedminster, NJ rating = five stars
Tao of Sales transforms the context and behavior of sales
“The Tao of Sales makes the compelling point that new sales behavior, based upon Taoist principles, creates a dramatic change in the sales person and his or her customer relationships. Taoist principles applied to sales, transform the way the sales person thinks about the sales process and the way they are behaving in the sales process. For example, most traditional methods for handling objections actually increase customer resistance, because they are aggressive and customers become threatened. The Tao of Sales successfully translates the wisdom of a philosophy of living into a series of hands-on techniques ready to apply immediately in the customer relationship! The information is chunked so that the reader is not overwhelmed and can practice a manageable number of techniques at one time. The book mirrors what the Tao says, The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

A Reader from Gladstone, NJ – rating = five stars
I have looked for a better way to sell and have now found it “This selling style has freed me and enabled me to empower my clients. The Tao of Sales has helped me, my customers, and my sales.”

A reader from Spain – rating = five stars
Last April my wife and I were walking down the “Paseo de Gracia” in Barcelona (Spain), in a very important book fair “Sant Jordi.” When we stopped in one of the small shops on the street, we looked at the titles and were attracted by one of them The Tao of Sales (Tao De Ventas). I bought it, and when I started to read I couldn’t stop. During the days I was speaking about the book with my colleagues in the office and my close family. I started to use some techniques with our customers. “Let the customers speak.” Easy! but difficult to do it. I found in this book a new way of relating with our customers. Thank you very much at Mr. Behr, for this incredible work.”

Sydney Freeman (SSJF@JUNO.COM) – rating=five stars
This is a 10+
“As a brand new salesperson, I have been confused by the entire mysterious process. Even a superficial look at the available how-to literature on sales is intimidating. I have doggedly plowed my way through many books on the subject. When I found Tom Behr’s book, the light turned on. This is the only sales book I will ever need.
The truth expressed here is so SIMPLE, so natural, so right. This is a teaching not just for sales, but for every part of life. It is flowing with harmony, rather than using force to manipulate. Going with the Tao is “effortless effort,” it is wisdom and power. And the process is never complete – there is always more to learn, an endless growth that is fulfilling and rewarding.
An example: when facing a customer, practice putting your entire attention on her, with no thought of gain, but simply allowing the result to take care of itself. Abandon all the mind chatter and concentrate on whatever gift you may offer. Pay attention to your breath and truly listen without thinking of what you are going to say next. Bring stillness and genuine listening into the exchange.
How many of us have received such treatment from anyone, much less a salesperson? This is truly irresistible!”

Ann Tares (anntares@cdiusa.com from NY) – rating = five stars
“A friend of mine called me to say I must read this book. He had been selling cosmetic products and not doing well. This book showed him how to stop pushing products/services or manipulating customers and how to start meeting people’s needs with integrity and authenticity. The book aligns itself with the old wisdom of Taoism in a light, easy to understand way, but it is completely modern by a man who has trained many salespeople. I recommend it to anyone who has to sell their products or services to customers (or to their manager and others within a company)… especially if you want to sell better while enjoying your work in sales and get to know your customers as people, not ‘targets’ or ‘market segments’.

Book Reviews

Business and Investment Expert Editor’s Recommended Book, Amazon Books:
E. Thomas Behr is both a long-time business consultant and admirer of the timeless Tao Te Ching. In The Tao of Sales, The Easy Way to Sell in Tough Times, he combines the two and demonstrates how the classic Chinese philosophy can be used to build effective contemporary business relationships.

Howard Rothman, Editor

Ancient wisdom can help you guide your company to success
Can the ancient book of wisdom, the “Tao Te Ching” help your company? Do you believe you’re adding something of value to the world through your business? If you’re proud of what you do, you may want to enhance your success with a new approach to the increasingly competitive marketplace: the way of the Tao. Your guide is not an inscrutable philosopher, but E. Thomas Behr, Ph.D., consultant in sales productivity to clients such as American Express, TIAA-CREF, Novartis and Sony and author of The Tao of Sales: The Easy Way to Sell in Tough Times.
Behr believes these are “tough times” because the balance of power has shifted from seller to buyer, and wised-up consumers are impatient with what they perceive as poor service – salespeople and companies that put their profits ahead of the customer’s (and the community’s) well-being.
What is the “easy way” to sell? Behr says it’s when selling changes from something you do to customers into something you do with them. It transforms service into a shared responsibility between buyer and seller, creating long-term clients. It changes selling from manipulation to a process as effortless and powerful as a flowing river.
If you’re feeling that the old ways of doing business are not serving you well, this book can help you discover your own ways of changing things for the better.

Eve Carr, President of Carr Communications

Recommended Book: The Tao of Sales
Do you view prospects and customers as the enemy? As an obstacle to surmount in battle? To defeat and to conquer? Or do you see your clients and customers as friends? As people you can help? As partners?
In his book, The Tao Of Sales, Dr. E. Thomas Behr provides a rich, comprehensive selling paradigm, arguing against the adversarial-based sales metaphors that create battle plans to attack customers like they’re a military objective. Instead, he suggests we create a genuine values-based partnership with customers.
The Tao Of Sales is created from the 81 verses of Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching, the Book of the Way, the ancient, timeless, Chinese treatise on the art of wise living that implores us to strive for balance and a serene and generous spirit. The Tao is the basic principle of the universe.
Behr suggests we strive for long-term relationships built on trust, not quick-hit sales based on the bottom line. Clients should be allies-not opponents. High pressure selling creates more resistance than sales. It also alienates people. The Tao way of selling is doing things with customers, instead of to them, or even for them.
The Tao teaches many mind skills and philosophies, and does so by taking a salesperson’s personal qualities and telling illustrative, pertinent stories resulting in practical applications to selling.
Study your deepest personal values, be aware of your selling relationships, and may the Tao wisdom of the selling universe always be with you.

From: “The Paradox of Peak Performance Selling,”
Bill Cole, MS, MA, CEO of Procoach Systems.

Recommended Book: The Tao of Sales
In his book, The Tao of Sales: The Easy Way to Sell in Tough Times, E. Thomas Behr says if we merge our goals with the client’s goals, we will encounter less resistance. If we stop pushing, they will stop pushing back. If we don’t insist on the sale, they will develop the courage to buy. If we are anxious to succeed, however, our actions drown out our words. Whatever we may say, our actions shout, “I want this sale! I need your money!” No wonder we often scare the hell out of our clients.
When I do one thing at a time, I do that one thing better than when I multitask. When I read a good book, time slows down. When I read the paper, eat breakfast, and watch TV, time seems to speed up, and I don’t do any of the three very well.
When you get in the zone in selling, you are completely focused on the prospect. To get there more often, pay attention. You’ve done it before. You can do it more. A very wise man once said, “The past is gone. The future isn’t here yet nor is it guaranteed. Every day is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” The present is a very good place to be when you are selling.

“Sell in the Zone” by Chris Lytle,
Monster.com Contributing Writer

Recommended Book: The Tao of Sales
Not long ago E. Thomas Behr, author of The Tao of Sales: The Easy Way to Sell in Tough Times and president of Horizons Unlimited Inc., a sales-management consulting firm, fell into a gut-busting five-week slump. He thought he’d reached the breaking point when he got word that Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, a $100,000-a-year client, merged with Ciba-Geigy. As a result, his services for Sandoz would be put on hold for at least a year. In the old days, a salesman would meet that kind of disastrous run with unyielding determination to recover lost ground. And that’s exactly how Behr reacted. During a telephone meeting with executives of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Behr aggressively — almost frantically — pushed for new business. “But the more I pressured,” he recalls, “the more they pulled back.”
Since the heavy-handed approach proved counterproductive, Behr got counterintuitive: he slowed down and prescribed for himself a mind-cleansing exercise that helps him to relax and reboot before a big call. Total time: 10 minutes.
Calm yourself: Sit quietly in a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and deeply to relax your muscles. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a favorite place. Focus on value: As your tension decreases, ask yourself, What’s the greatest value that I can bring to this customer? Think, for example, about how your product will help the company streamline its manufacturing process.
Find the best opportunity: Concentrate on the one thing you can do that will generate the greatest return for you and the customer — something that will help build an ongoing relationship.
Commit to the goal: Think about how you can best make that one thing happen. Then pledge to see it through. At this point, says Behr, “you’ll be thinking about what you can do for the customer instead of worrying about the sale.”

Fast Company, Issue 12,
January 1998 By Michael Kaplan

Recommended Book: The Tao of Sales
This book is about creating value and serving customers. In the tough world we live in, we risk losing our identity. It is really difficult to differentiate from the competition when the current level of technology blurs all borders, advantages, and differences. We are no longer that much better than the nearest competitor. This is the reason why we start feeling insecure.
Dr. Behr taps into the timeless wisdom of Tao Te Ching to let the reader find the true personal value and identity that can only be found inside of ourselves, not in the outside world.
“Masters [of old] knew the technique but followed the wisdom.”
This is very relevant for the selling techniques that salespeople try to devise, learn, and use while on a sales call. This quote tells that you shouldn’t deny the techniques, but you shouldn’t use them blindly either. You should know the technique, be aware of its place in the current situation, and act according to the situation, trusting your inner feeling of appropriateness.
In The Tao of Sales, selling is transformed from a mechanical, stressful manipulation into a natural process as simple, effortless, and powerful as flowing river: “Like water, be fluid and supple; work in harmony with all things, not in opposition; when it’s time for power, be a torrent, when it’s time for reflection, a deep pool.”

“Business Nugget” by Robert Morris

Recommended Book: The Tao of Sales
An excellent publication to help in professional and personal development.

Thomas Wood-Young, president of Wood-Young Consulting
and author of Intuitive Selling.

Recommended Book: The Tao of Sales
E. Thomas Behr is both a long-time business consultant and admirer of the timeless Tao Te Ching. In The Tao of Sales: The Easy Way to Sell in Tough Times, he combines the two and demonstrates how the classic Chinese philosophy can be used to build effective contemporary business relationships. His exercises and activities aren’t for everyone, but neither were Lao-Tzu’s 81 simple ideas when first introduced some 14 centuries ago.


Recommended Book: The Tao of Sales
Every business person knows that the old approaches to selling just don’t work anymore. Focused on applying the principles of the Tao to dealing with others, this book shows readers how to succeed in a new and unfamiliar customer-driven world. The Tao of Sales guides readers along a transformational path so that they think and act in harmony with the changing times in which we live.


Recommended Book: The Tao of sales (Het Tao van de verkoop) To develop the character of capitalism we have to accept individual responsibility. As Thomas Behr says, look inside. Do you want to be a first-rate version of yourself or a second-rate version of someone else?

Christiaan Van Mieghem Director,
Straight Lanaken, Belgium


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