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Sir Alex Ferguson, Former Manager, Manchester United

“I have hosted Miller at Old Trafford, Carrington, the Champions League finals, and on our U.S. tours, and have enjoyed my personal time with both him and his wife Elizabeth. My time with him revealed a man of great character and responsibility to not only his family, but his players and friends — a man who could always be counted on when needed. One of the greatest assets of a leader is his ability to reach out to people, to recognize them and show he appreciates them. Miller is able to do this through the warmth of his personality.”

Bobby Clark, Head Coach, University of Notre Dame

“I first met Miller Bugliari many years ago when I was asked to run the coaching side of Hubert Vogelsinger’s camp at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. That was one of the best days in my life, as Miller was on staff to coordinate all the facets of the camp – the coaches, the meals, the fields, and the school. Running a camp is never easy, but when you are a guest camp in a school there are so many people you have to work with, and there was nobody better than
Coach Bugliari at bringing everyone together. He is a master at human relationships. He never got rattled or angry and always had a very calm demeanor. I think I learned more that week about how to deal with people than any other time in my life. Since that week we have been constant friends, and I can’t think of anyone’s company I enjoy more to talk about soccer than Miller Bugliari.”

The Life & Times of Miller A. Bugliari

“I hope I have provided all my players with lessons in leadership and taught them how to compete hard and win…or lose… with grace. Of the two, I much prefer the first.”

Miller Bugliari

soccer field croppedIf you’re a serious soccer fan, the first thing you might notice when you step on the Miller A. Bugliari Field at The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, is the field itself. Thanks to the Italian National Team who trained here for the 1994 World Cup and built the original field, and its 2013 restoration in memory of the late Kim Kimber, Pingry Class of 2007, it’s beautiful – a perfect pitch for playing championship-quality soccer.


pingry field bannersAnd that’s appropriate, because the next thing that probably jumps out at you are the 26 state championship banners ringing the field, like the World Series pennants flying over Yankee Stadium. The first one dates back to 1962. There’s a message here: “This is what we do. This is who we are.” And the message doesn’t just exist as a symbol on banners; it lives inside the hearts of generations of Pingry soccer players, including some of the sons of Miller’s first players. So the question is: how did those banners get there?

Bronson Van Wyck, who played for Miller in 1962 and has remained a lifelong friend, captures Miller’s approach that has made him consistently successful through over five decades as a coach.

Miller Bugliari in the 1960s

“The Bugliari Way” includes three vital essentials of life.

Commitment to Excellence: This means much more than winning the game. It is being resourceful; it is stretching one’s self. It is not just using one’s talent to the fullest or “trying one’s best;” it is continuously adapting, adjusting and integrating one’s self to meet higher standards.

Commitment to Others: Individuals lose; teams win. From one’s first day with Miller you learn it is OK for you to be who and where you are as part of the team – the school – the community; and with that comes an immense amount of love and nurturing. No matter whether you are the smartest or the most talented, it is first and foremost “you” becoming a meaningful team member by helping the whole do better and be better – not just developing yourself. It is being open and accepting others’ different opinions and ideas − there is no place for insisting only on one’s own way. It is striving for togetherness within our differences so that winning as a team becomes far bigger than any individual achievement.

miller c.u small .

Miller Bugliari in 2014

Commitment to Personal Growth: Every day “it is your turn,” All of us have good and bad days; most of us know at every moment whether we putting out or not. Therefore: every day, think of yourself as working on your game to better the whole; every day, work on getting to the “sweet spot” and not being satisfied with the status quo.

In total, each day go farther, recognizing that life is a continual striving for the “whole around us” to benefit from our efforts, our love and nurturing of each other. The key – Miller’s creative way of thinking implementing a way for us to be “meaningful” as part of his team and his life of love.

The Record

  • 815 career victories, 112 defeats and 96 ties
  • 25 state championships
  • 25 county championships
  • 22 undefeated regular seasons
  • National Soccer Coaches Association of America Hall of Fame,  National Soccer Hall of Fame, New Jersey Youth Hall of Fame, New Jersey State High School Hall of Fame, Springfield College Hall of Fame, and the Pingry Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • “New Jersey State Coach of the Year” seven times and “National Coach of the Year” four times.


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