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What Readers Say…

“I have to recommend The Tao of Sales to you because of the profound effect it has had on my approach to selling….This is a book I earnestly recommend you buy, read, study and refer to again and again.”

Bill Webb,

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About The Book

What do you recall when you think about athletes like LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, or Abby Wambach? They make excellence look easy; they soar where others struggle. (The same sense of effortless excellence also applies to your favorite performers in music, theater and dance; it also applies to skilled martial artists.)

Most salespeople, however, struggle, where they could soar. They battle to meet their quota, they battle their boss, they battle their customers, they battle themselves.

The Tao of Sales is about learning to soar as a sales professional

— by learning the right things the right way.

What’s the “right thing to learn?” Companies spend millions of dollars increasing what salespeople know — and that’s important because your expertise is what you use to help your customers. But that alone isn’t the answer, because customers don’t buy what you know; they buy what they believe they need. There are hundreds of books and programs that try to help you learn what to do to customers in order to succeed — but that’s not the answer because none of us, including our customers, like to be manipulated or controlled. By contrast, The Tao of Sales is about succeeding by working with your customers.

It All Starts with Who You Are

“Selling the Easy Way” starts not with what you know, or do, but with who you are. That’s the foundation of success, because customers prefer to buy from salespeople they trust.

Trust can’t be faked; it has to be lived.

What’s the “right way to learn?” Practice. Want to sell like Roger Federer, Serena Williams or Rafael Nadal play tennis? Start hitting practice balls. But practice from the inside out. If you live your values, doing them becomes easier — especially when things get rough. And practice purposefully (like martial artists). “Practice” does NOT make “perfect.” Only perfect practice can do that. As the testimonials in Reviews make clear, salespeople (from many different countries) have found this a good book to read — but a better book to use.

How to use The Tao of Sales as a tool to help you sell more effectively

  • Use the book as a way to sharpen your selling skillls each day. “I don’t let myself go to sleep at night without reading another lesson from The Tao of Sales. It drives my dreams and prepares me for another breakthrough day selling and servicing my clients.” Lauren Anderson, Sales Consultant,
  • Explore the sample Chapters on this site to discover how this book might make a difference for you.
  • Look for tips and insights in my blog that will help you develop your full potential as a salesperson.
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